【Privacy Policy】

REVON Co., Ltd. (following we), we have a responsible person of personal information management who determines the handling and performs appropriate protection about the personal information of the user, based on “Act on the Protection of Personal Information,” and “Guidelines for Personal Information Protection Laws Concerning Fields of Economy and Industry”.

【Collection and the Use of the Personal Information】

We do not collect except the necessary personal information. We collect personal information within the following use purposes to have contacts from customers. We will neither use nor provide to third parties your personal information unless you give your prior consent. 1. For contacting to our website. 2. For business orders and questions.

【Providing and Sharing Information to Third Parties】

We will not provide and share your personal information to any third party without your advance consent, except where such disclosure: 1. Is in accordance with or required by applicable law; 2. Is necessary for the protection of the safety or property of our users or the public, and it is difficult or impractical.


All information that we obtained is limited to the use in our office by a user, and it is permitted that only the staff who need personal information to work such as business orders, checking the question accesses personal information. Furthermore, the staff concerned with our website have the class to get the latest information about the privacy and security and always has consciousness for the personal information protection and works.

【About “Cookies”】

We do not use “Cookies” on our website. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer's hard disk through your web browser.

【Log File】

We use a log file on our website for collection of statistical information such as access analysis, controlling the website.


The link to other websites is included in our website. Please read a linked privacy policy. We cannot take responsibility of the privacy policy in the link.

【Notice about the Change】

When the operating company of our website changes the privacy statement, we announce it about the contents in our website. Therefore, the user always can know what kind of personal information we collect and use.

【Correction and Update of the Personal Information】

We confirm requests about a correction and a publication stop of contents placed in our website when user needed. We will respond appropriately to requests from our users to disclose the personal information that we maintain concerning them, to correct any inaccuracies in such information and to cease use of their personal information.


Please call us for inquiries about the handling of the personal information by telephone.

Contact about the Personal Information

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