REVON made in human

RIBBON:Connecting people together

Revon, with its similar intonation to “ribbon”, considers the numerous brands in society not merely as clients but as partners to which we are tied with a strong family-like bond. Our creed is to walk together with our partners towards the future, while supporting the long-term growth of their brands.

REBORN:Creating new life

Another role of Revon is to revive brands that have excellent potential but are still “sleeping lions” in Japan. We believe that our biggest mission is to draw out a brand’s inert strength and heighten its image in a luxury brand business that experiences by fierce rivalry both national and international, and to produce maximum profits.

REVOLUTION:Make a revolution

Branding, product planning, marketing, advertisements, finance management, – Revon has powerful experts of each field who have vast, practical experience in the global luxury brand business. Our style of brand management, driven by the complex yet precise actions of our innovative staff, stands on an international viewpoint that sees outside the national “box” of Japan. We believe that our revolution in this market will definitely succeed.